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A traditional Salvadoran dish, this delightful griddled flatbread is stuffed with your choice of savory fillings - from melted cheeses and tender meats to seasoned vegetables. Each pupusa is skillfully cooked to achieve a perfectly crispy exterior and a warm, flavorful interior, offering a unique and satisfying culinary experience.


A cheese enthusiast's dream, this pupusa is filled with a rich, melting cheese, perfectly complemented by the crispy, golden exterior of the corn dough. Simple, yet full of comforting flavors.


Queso Pupusa

Image of Queso Pupusa


Explore the unique taste of loroco, a distinctive Salvadoran flower, paired with creamy cheese in a crisp, golden crust. An exotic and flavorful culinary experience.


Loroco con Queso Pupusa

Image of Loroco con Queso Pupusa


Filled with finely ground, seasoned pork and smooth, melting cheese, this pupusa is a savory delight. Each bite combines the richness of meat with the crisp, satisfying texture of the corn dough.


Chicharrón con Queso

Image of Chicharrón con Queso


A robust blend of seasoned pork, creamy refried beans, and smooth cheese, this pupusa is a hearty feast in every bite. Encased in a crispy corn shell, it offers a rich and satisfying taste of Salvadoran tradition.



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